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Meet Dr Abhishek Aggarwal

Having moved to Australia from India at the age of three, Dr Abhishek Aggarwal studied dentistry in Adelaide before returning to Sydney, where he now works in Mosman’s Hugh Fleming Dentistry practice.

We chatted to Dr Abhishek about why he chose to become a dentist, what he likes most about his role, and what advice he has for people who feel anxious about attending a visit to the dentist, especially if it has been a long time in between appointments.


Dr. Abhishek AggarwalDr Abhishek, tell us about your path into dentistry and what made you pursue this as a career!

I grew up in Sydney, after moving from India with my family when I was three years old. I attended high school at Sydney Grammar, which was a great place to study. After that, I was lucky enough to get into a coveted undergraduate program at a very reputable dentistry school in Adelaide. I then moved back to Sydney (I missed the big city life!) and have been working in this area ever since.

The reason I chose to go into dentistry came from my own experience of having braces as a child. I had a fantastic orthodontist and was really inspired by him – so much so, that it drove me to pursue a career as a dentist, which shows the impression a good dentist or orthodontist can make on a child or adult for that matter.


What is it that you like most about dentistry?

I’ve always been interested in the opportunity to problem-solve and I like the fact that dentistry allows me to do this; I get to work with my patients and find a solution that gives them the best result, which is really motivational for me. To change a person’s confidence so they can smile is a very rewarding and satisfying process, not only for myself but for my patients too.

The other aspect I love is the rapport you build with patients. My job gives me the chance to meet so many different people every day – something that I am grateful for. Through the course of these interactions, I learn a lot about my patients and they equally end up knowing a lot about me, this in fact assists in easing their nervousness in regards to the treatment process.


Are there any particular areas of dentistry that you focus on?

Two of the areas I enjoy and tend to focus on are dental implants and Invisalign treatment.

I’ve always enjoyed problem solving complex scenarios, so implant surgery was a natural choice for me. I completed a three-year graduate diploma in dental implants which provided a great foundation for me.

With Invisalign, I suppose my interest in orthodontics comes back to my experiences of wearing braces as a child. I’m also passionate about helping patients address concerns they have with their smiles. Invisalign is a very suitable option for correcting smiles for both kids and adults.

The impact of correcting someone’s smile can be huge, whether it’s giving an adult more confidence at work or socially, or helping a child feel less self-conscious. In some cases, it can literally be life-changing as helping improve someone smile can have a profound effect on someone’s day-to-day life.


When it comes to working as a dentist, what personal qualities do you think are important?

I think the ability to listen to patients is one of the most important aspects of what we do as dentists. Once I have fully understood what’s happening with my patient’s dental health, I then develop a customized plan in consultation with my patient, which caters to their needs and their financial situation.

Professionalism is another key quality, and I pride myself on my patient’s saying I have a good ‘bedside manner’ manner. This also helps the patient relax and be more open to communication.

Finally, the ability to have open communication with patients is crucial. By communicating in this way, you encourage patients to be open in return, as well as making them feel reassured and at ease.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

With a young family, I have a two and a half-year-old and a three-month-old at home, they keep me busy when I’m not at work! So family is my number one enjoyment outside work, this is such a precious stage for my wife and myself, so we are soaking it all in. As they say time flies once you have children.

Aside from that, I absolutely love sports and in my spare time, you will catch me playing tennis or cricket. This also helps me relax and unwind after a long week, not to mention helps me keep fit. I also enjoy yoga and meditation when I can find the time for it.


Finally, what advice would you offer to patients who might feel nervous or anxious about seeing the dentist?

Firstly, I’d say to anyone who experiences this, it’s completely natural and very common to feel anxious, regardless of whether you’re coming in for a complex procedure or something minor.

The good news is that we have many effective ways of helping patients ease their nerves and feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during their visit. This can be as simple as calming music, ceiling mounted TVs or aromatherapy oils in treatment rooms, all the way through to happy gas, Valium or sleep dentistry (IV sedation) with our in house anaesthetist Dr Kerryn Wilson. At Hugh Fleming Dentistry we can provide all these options for our patients.

Even if you feel nervous, it’s always best to get dental issues seen to as soon as possible rather than delaying treatment – so have a chat with our friendly team and they can advise on the many options we have available to help alleviate your anxiety.


If you’re due for a visit to the dentist, why not make your appointment with Dr Abhishek Aggarwal at Hugh Fleming Dentistry today? You can book online now.

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  1. Davinder sethi says
    Mar 20, 2021 at 12:35 AM

    Dr Abhishe is really a good dentist. He makes his patients feel comfortable and relax. He listens to our problems carefully. He is a friendly person.

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