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Teeth Grinding in Mosman

Helping You Achieve Optimum Health and Wellbeing

Woman with jaw painAt Hugh Fleming Dentistry, we pride ourselves on our wide offering of oral health related services for patients of all ages. The lifelong health and wellbeing of our patients have always been our number one goal, which is why we also treat harmful conditions such as teeth grinding.

During your regular check-up, our professional team will assess your throat, mouth, teeth, and jaw for any signs of sleep apnoea or teeth grinding. This ensures you can receive the necessary treatment for these conditions as soon as possible, preventing more complex health issues down the track.

What is Teeth Grinding and Are You at Risk?

Teeth grinding (also known as Bruxism) usually occurs sub-consciously and can involve excessive clenching of the jaw. This can cause a wide range of health concerns and discomfort, including pain in the teeth and jaw, increased sensitivity, orofacial pain, headaches, neck pain and migraines.

If left untreated, teeth grinding can lead to severe wear and tear on the teeth, including potential breakages and cracks.

How We Treat Teeth Grinding

Just like sleep apnoea, we can also create a custom-fitting night splint to protect the teeth from grinding during night time. For those wishing to explore further treatment for their Bruxism, we also refer them to one of our trusted specialists.

Want to Learn More?

Are you suffering from sleep apnoea or teeth grinding during the night? It’s vital you treat these concerns now to prevent them from negatively impacting your health any further. Call us to schedule a consultation with our friendly team today!

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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