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Experience Single Visit Crowns

In years past, getting a dental crown meant having to make multiple trips to the dentist, over two to three weeks, leading to multiple injections and added time off work. At Hugh Fleming Dentistry this entire treatment can now be completed in just two hours employing our CEREC single visit crown procedure. One visit, one injection, no impressions and less down time from your busy work schedule!

What Happens During a Single Visit Crown Procedure?

During your two-hour appointment, a custom porcelain crown will be made to fit perfectly over your broken tooth employing state of the art 3D imaging and Cad Cam design. We will be able to select a crown shade to blend with the surrounding teeth and ensure a comfortable and extremely functional outcome.

After numbing your tooth, it will be prepared and digitally scanned. The permanent restoration is then Cad Cam designed and made in our in house laboratory while you relax in our patient lounge. The crown is then bonded to the tooth and “voila” you are have your new finished crown restoration. No need to wear a temporary crown for weeks or come back for multiple appointments, impressions and injections!

crownWhat Are CEREC Crowns?

A CEREC crown is entirely metal-free full ceramic restoration designed and milled from a solid block of ceramic for a precise fit over a broken or discoloured tooth. The whole procedure is done digitally in our in house Cad Cam laboratory resulting in a final restoration of exceptional strength, fit and esthetics.

With CEREC, we’re able to continue exceptional quality of care to our patients without the excessive time requirements of conventional “impression based” crown treatments.

Single Visit Crown Dentistry

Save time for yourself without sacrificing the quality and care of your smile. Request a single visit CEREC crown consultation.

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