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Get Instant Relief From Cold Sores With Our Pain-Free Laser Treatment


If you suffer from cold sores, you’ll know the many woes of this condition – from uncomfortable tingling and painful blisters to the embarrassment of visible sores around your mouth. But did you know it’s now possible to treat your cold sores quickly and effectively, from right here in our comfortable practice, in just 5 minutes? Our advanced laser treatment for cold sores encourages ultra-fast healing and immediately stops any discomfort – so you can get on with everyday life without pain holding you back.


instant cold sore relief


What are cold sores?

Cold sores are caused by a virus called herpes simplex (HSV). They take the form of small clusters of blisters that appear in or around the outside of the mouth, which ulcerate over time and become covered with a crust or scab. In the early stages of a cold sore, you may experience itching, burning or a tingling sensation; when the sores develop, they are often painful. Cold sores usually clear up within 7-10 days, however they can be highly contagious when the sore is in its “raw” stage.



What can trigger a cold sore?

There are certain factors that can trigger the development of cold sores. These include:

  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Stress
  • Exposure to strong sunlight, cold or wind
  • A decreased immune system


What are the benefits of laser treatment for cold sores?

Using our state-of-the-art MVP-7 laser system, we can treat your cold sores at our practice, instantly reducing pain and discomfort, and encouraging ultra-fast healing. What’s more, the treatment only takes around 5 minutes. Here are some of the benefits of choosing laser cold sore treatment:

  • Laser energy inhibits the virus that causes the cold sore
  • You’ll get instant relief from any pain, discomfort and swelling
  • The treatment stops the lesion from progressing
  • The healing process is much faster
  • No anaesthesia or needles are required
  • Following treatment, any returning sores at the same location will be less intense and less frequent


What does laser cold sore treatment involve?

Laser cold sore treatment takes just a few minutes and is pain-free, making it an ideal and convenient choice for treating this condition. The laser warms the sore in order to inhibit the virus and stimulate your body’s natural healing mechanisms. For most patients, pain and discomfort are relieved immediately after treatment. Although cold sores are recurrent – meaning they can still return – laser treatment can reduce the frequency and severity of future episodes. Over time, further breakouts can be suppressed and may not reoccur.


How long does the treatment take?

Laser cold sore treatment is conveniently quick – your appointment will only take around 5 minutes.


How much does laser cold sore treatment cost?

The cost of cold sore treatment at our practice is $125 for 5 minutes.


When is the best time to book my laser cold sore treatment?

The best time to treat cold sores is in their early stages, before there’s a blister or cracking. If treatment is undertaken soon enough, the cold sore may not even blister or ulcer. The first sign of a cold sore is an itching, tingling, burning or numb sensation – if you are experiencing these cold sore symptoms, you should contact us to have your cold sore treated early.


Can laser treatment help with other conditions?

Aside from cold sores, laser treatment can also help treat mouth ulcers. These ulcers usually have a white or yellow centre with a red border and appear on the inside of the lips or cheeks, on or underneath the tongue, or on the back of the throat. Laser treatment for mouth ulcers speeds up healing time and reduces pain throughout the healing process.


How do I book my laser cold sore treatment?

Make an appointment with Larissa or Annie at Hugh Fleming Dentistry.

Click here to book online now.